No Regretting On Spurs’ George Hill

In a series where we should’ve seen the San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili or Tony Parker seize control, it was the 3rd-year player from IUPUIGeorge Hill, who did the damage for the Spurs against their in-state-rival, the Dallas Mavericks.

George Hill averaged 14.3 ppg, 3.8 rpg, appearing in all 6 games. He also made 32 out of 64 shots, thus scoring 86 points in the 1st-Round. Incredible performance for a 3rd-year player. Hill finished in the Top 5 of Most Improved Player Voting in the NBA too, which is very special.

Many now call him the X-Factor for the Spurs, and they are right about that. Why? In that series, Jason Kidd defended him quite well, but he managed to use his quickness and agility on the court in order to take advantage of Kidd. Dirk also defended him in the perimeter, but hey he made three-pointer in the face of the German. The only problem is that he’s kinda inconsistent, but it’s never too late. He can still work on that.  I do believe he is the future of this team, I can see a DeJuan Blair-George Hill tandem coming up in a few years already.

Let me end by saying this, the Spurs have a bright future with George Hill around. Remember, he has started for Tony Parker, when TP was out with injuries this season. Now that he has the starting role for himself, he has gained the keys to that Spurs’ offense. Not to mention, that he’s getting the tricks of the trade with Tony Parker, since they play on the same backcourt. This player has a bright-future in the NBA, that’s true.

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