Spurs versus Suns | What To Expect In This Classic NBA Series

Ever since the Spurs and the Suns advanced to the 2nd-Round, I’ve been thinking about the Phoenix Suns‘ causes against the San Antonio Spurs. So, yesterday I thought deeply though about it. And it came to conlusion that I said, “The Suns have their biggest chance of beating the Spurs this year.” But, the Spurs won’t give up without a fight. They are force to reckon with since they’ve turned the Mavs from Contenders to Upsets. This Spurs and Suns match-up is a must-see for all basketball fans. I’m not lying. Analyses are coming up.

Here are some analyses for the Suns and the Spurs:

Phoenix Suns

Here we start with the Suns. First of all, they have never won a 7-game series against the Spurs since the 2000 NBA Playoffs, which gives the Spurs much more confidence to win. But, let me say this, “This might be the year where the Suns finally dispose the Spurs to the fishing grounds.” Why? They’re defense has slightly improve and their Run N Gun offense can easily tire the Spurs’ veterans, which is very exceptional. If the Suns want to win this series, they need Amar’e Stoudemire to play a more decent game since he’s matching-up with one of the all-time greats, Tim Duncan. He has to snatch those boards, whether offensive or defensive, in order to win the glass. Plus, he’s shotblocking skills is pretty much needed since Suns’ defensive shotblocker Robin Lopez is out with a back injury. But the pressure on him is that he has to outwork Duncan on the floor. Steve Nash is a factor too, mainly because he handles the Suns’ offense. If he is able to distribute the ball well in this series, then the Suns will not miss a single beat. Their bench has to become more ecstatic too since the Spurs’ bench produces effectively in a nightly-basis. Lastly, Grant Hill is the X-Factor for this Suns’ team. His defense should be able to slow-down the all-star play of Spurs’ guard Manu Ginobili. And this veteran knows how to play well, he can shoot, he can drive down the lane and he can rebound too. The Phoenix Suns are in for a physical 7-game series. We just hope nobody gets SUSPENDED nor gets INJURED in the match-up.

San Antonio Spurs

We all know the Spurs, they are one of the oldest teams in the NBA. And if you’re old you aren’t fast enough and you prone to tire more often. So, if I was Greg Popovich I will tell my players not to go with the flow of the Suns’ Run-N-Gun offense. Defense will be big for them since the Spurs don’t have that presence down low, aside from Duncan (And Tim can’t be there always, right?). Tim Duncan may not be young now, but he’s still the main reason why the Spurs here in the postseason. His sidekicks, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, are lethal for their causes to win. If Manu Ginobili continues his all-star play and Tony Parker continues to strive in his 6th-man role then I think the Spurs will knock this Phoenix team to the fishing-grounds. X-Factor is George Hill, why? He is the present starting point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, which was preceded by Tony Parker. He has the ability to take advantage of Steve Nash with his speed. And he can shoot deadly too. His defense is quite remarkable too, since he often defends the number 1 scorer of the opposing team. No giving up on this Spurs team. They have a big chance to win, I just have that feeling.

The final verdict, the Spurs in 7. Sorry, Suns. This Spur team is  better than you. You might be fun to watch with your Run N Gun offense, but defense always sets the tone to win. This Spur team has it all, Defense and Offense. If you prove me wrong, then i’ll give the money. Series starts Monday.

And yeah, I need your comments down low.

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