Lakers versus Jazz (2nd-Round Preview)

Another familiar playoff match-up will be showing up on our television screens once again. This time it features two Western Conference teams, the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers. Who do you have winning this series, the reigning NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers or the 6th-seeded Utah Jazz? Analyses for this series are down low.

Here are some in-depth analysis for the upcoming series:

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

Let’s start with the reigning NBA champions, the Lakers.This might be the biggest chance that the Jazz can upset this Laker team, and avoid them from repeating as NBA champions. Before the Lakers advanced to Round 2, The Oklahoma City Thunder (Western Conference’s 8th-seed) pushed them to a Game 6, where the Thunder could’ve won with a Russell Westbrook three that missed the mark, which makes them vulnerable. Now, they face the 6th-seeded Utah Jazz. If they want to win, they should play a more cohesive game. Of course, Kobe might be the leader, but he needs those supporting cast to step up. If they want to win, they have to tackle some of these problems during the series. Andrew Bynum is going through pain with a hyper-extended knee (may miss Game 1), and most of their players are inconsistent, mostly the bench that is. And, with Bynum questionable for Game 1, there’s a great possibility where Lamar Odom will be pressed into the lineup, which is a disaster for the Laker bench as they will lose one of their main contributors. But, if Kobe Bryant hoists those jumpers consistently, then there’s no doubt that the Lakers might win. Remember, he can shoot for 30, 40 or even 50 if he wants to. So, Jazz fans, watch out for the Black Mamba. The Lakers X-Factor is Pau Gasol. Pau needs to make shots and grab those boards. Outplaying Carlos Boozer is one of Gasol’s main priorities too. As i’ve said, Carlos is playing great ball now. If Pau plays a decent game  against Boozer on both defense and offense, then the Lakers are in for smooth sailing.

Utah Jazz

I’ll be honest, I did not imagine the Jazz would be even here in the 2nd-round. They have no Mehmet Okur and no Andrei Kirilenko during the series, and still they managed how to play better than the Nuggets. (It’s gotta be, Jerry Sloan.) I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, The Jazz have the biggest chance of turning the Lakers as upsets. If Carlos Boozer continues that All-Star performance that he had from the Denver series and Deron Williams continues setting up the players, it’ll be a smooth transition to the Western Conference Finals. They’re only problem are those injuries from Okur and Kirilenko, they have been vital for the Jazz all season, and it’s sad to see them in street clothes on the bench. X-Factor is Wesley Matthews. They need his energy on the court, and his scoring skills too. He has to able to put up impressive numbers for the Jazz. The Jazz’s overall play is lethal for their team’s success.

The Final Verdict – Uhmm, i’ll take the Lakers in 6. Sorry, Jazz. But, that’s what I think.

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