NBA Playoff Recap 5/13: The Last Day In A Cleveland Jersey?

Today was game 6 of the NBA Playoffs, which featured the one the only Lebron James vs  the Celtics. I say this knowing that this is all the media cared about from the start. This was definitely an interesting series but the world was really only looking at one person and one person only. Sorry Rondo. It was Lebron James.  Even though Rondo was amazing, no one could steal the media frenzy that was behind LeBron’s last day in what could be a Cav’s Uni.

Is it finally time?

The game was well fought by the Cav’s for, oh lets say the first half… Then Mike Brown pulled his “I’m going to fail this team in the clutch of Game 6.” card out from his pocket and said “hey guys LeBron is our best player, but you guys all shoot.” As a player, you have to pity LeBron. I Mean really your whole 61-21 record just got shot out the window, and your teammates begin to play like D-Leaguers. Poor LeBron. Everyone will hate him for tonight and maybe tomorrow, and this will stress him out and push his hair line even farther back then before. I will begin it like this.

3rd quarter. LeBron is playing well, Mo Williams showed up to play. Anderson is playing with energy. The Celtics are playing great D, with equal offensive contribution.  ITS EXACTLY WHAT GAME 6 was supposed to be. Then Mike Brown walks out of the locker room. Someone should have taped him to a chair and not let him coach. Mistake #2. The first mistake was having Shaq guard KG. The third quarter goes as planned, both teams trading basketball, fouls, and D. Then the Celtics fans kick in, the Celtics go on two runs: both unanswered. Mike Brown…. What are you doing… Small Ball worked. Play IT!! Mistake #3. Small, quickness killed the Celtics all year. The third quarter ends. The Celtics are up and have momentum on their side. Game over. The Cavs know it. LeBron wont show it.

4th Quarter starts. LeBron is two assists away from a triple double, yet everyone is bashing him in the media. Just remember this stat. LeBron opens the quarter being aggressive, hits back to back 3’s. Timeout Celtics. Doc, who Mike Brown needs to worship like a holy god, talks his team back with a “you can only win, if we play together” speech. It works, the Cavs never got close again. LeBron finishes one assists away from a triple double, not because he wasn’t looking, but because his team just couldn’t put the ball in the hoop. The saddest part of this whole game that I saw was the Cav’s giving up with more then a minute to go. Mistake #5. I apologize to the city of Cleveland, but you guys are a city meant to never be known as a winner. The fumble… MJ over the Cavs… Now you guys losing LeBron. I’m sorry. LeBron. I’m sorry. New York just rejoiced.

Final Verdict:

Cleveland: just moved into the Dallas spot for biggest disappointment in the playoffs by a team with 60 plus wins. Losers.

Boston: proved they are a better team then experts thought. Rejuvenated. Momentum. Rondo. Winners.


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