The Wall and Arenas Connection – Success or Failure?

“With the Number 1 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards select John Wall from the University of Kentucky.” As said by Commissioner David Stern, now looking down the road are the Wizards, with Arenas, who’s coming back from the dumbest move of his life and ready to go.

Now questions arise “Can Wall and Arenas actually co-exist in the same backcourt?” Well, putting Arenas at the 2 is a good decision, but will he able to guard the Kobe’s and the Wade’s. If they experiment with that backcourt, it would be a ‘High Risk, High Reward” type of thing. If it works out that would be a dream come true for Ernie Grunfield and Flip Saunders.

With Wall running the point and Arenas spotting up for three, they would be a possibly better backcourt than Curry and Ellis which would be so amazing. If it doesn’t and Gilbert wont understand why the ball has to be with Wall a lot of times and why he has too be the one who’s spotting up we would be looking at a trade situation, which is possibly the worst possible scenario. But, if they trade Arenas they’ll need an All-Star in return. You know maybe, someone like Danny Granger, Al Jefferson or possibly Monta Ellis which isn’t all bad or is it?

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