NBA Playoff Recap 5/28: The Final Stand.

The Magic Vs Boston. The Final Stand.

The Magic Vs Boston. The Final Stand.

At home with the crowd behind them and a huge upset loss in Orlando, the Celtics nice and motivated, came into game 6 out to prove a point. That is exactly what happened, no excuses about it, the Celtics came in and punched the Magic in the mouth. They told the Magic, pack up and get your bags, because your going home. With all the support in the world, and krypto-nate showing a rare appearance, it was no surprise that the Celtics came out and dominated.

Dwight did all he could do.

These are the same Celtics that everyone ruled out of the title, because they just couldn’t get it going. Now I am NO Celtics bandwagon fan, I am actually a Suns and Magic fan, but you never count out a team that is full of previous championship winners and vets. Anyone with a basketball IQ will tell you that. That is what made them so dangerous in this series, they have been there and done all that before. They have been in a situation in where they had to rely on a Paul Pierce iso or a Rando-KG pick-n-roll, they knew they were going to win, and it showed.

Krpto-Nate came up big when they needed him.

Krpto-Nate came up big when they needed him.

They jumped out to a huge 30-19 lead, and never looked back. Nate Robinson was huge after only scoring 6 points in the whole series, he went on to have a solid 13 points of the bench. (I am petitioning for a “please play krypto-nate more” chant.) He was huge, even tried to dunk on Dwight “superman” Howard. That just shows, the Celtics just weren’t afraid tonight. The Magic played well, just it was too late. Dwight had a fantastic series as did Vince Carter and JJ Redick, (who better play a ton  more next year, he just does everything right), but with a disappearing act done by Rashard Lewis and Vince shooting the ball poorly, the Magic just seemed to be digging a bigger and bigger hole for themselves this whole season.

He proved he could lead them through the Eastern Conference Playoffs, now through a NBA Final?

He proved he could lead them through the Eastern Conference Playoffs, now through a NBA Final?

The Celtics seemed to dominate the whole series and it showed in the final game, they deserved the Eastern Conference Championship. Rando deserved to show everyone he could lead this team, who by the way solidified his spot as a top 5 PG in the game. Good luck in the finals,  Good Luck The Big 3,  Good Luck Rando and Doc, and last but not least Good Luck Bill Simmons.


NBA Playoff Recap 5/13: The Last Day In A Cleveland Jersey?

Today was game 6 of the NBA Playoffs, which featured the one the only Lebron James vs  the Celtics. I say this knowing that this is all the media cared about from the start. This was definitely an interesting series but the world was really only looking at one person and one person only. Sorry Rondo. It was Lebron James.  Even though Rondo was amazing, no one could steal the media frenzy that was behind LeBron’s last day in what could be a Cav’s Uni.

Is it finally time?

The game was well fought by the Cav’s for, oh lets say the first half… Then Mike Brown pulled his “I’m going to fail this team in the clutch of Game 6.” card out from his pocket and said “hey guys LeBron is our best player, but you guys all shoot.” As a player, you have to pity LeBron. I Mean really your whole 61-21 record just got shot out the window, and your teammates begin to play like D-Leaguers. Poor LeBron. Everyone will hate him for tonight and maybe tomorrow, and this will stress him out and push his hair line even farther back then before. I will begin it like this.

3rd quarter. LeBron is playing well, Mo Williams showed up to play. Anderson is playing with energy. The Celtics are playing great D, with equal offensive contribution.  ITS EXACTLY WHAT GAME 6 was supposed to be. Then Mike Brown walks out of the locker room. Someone should have taped him to a chair and not let him coach. Mistake #2. The first mistake was having Shaq guard KG. The third quarter goes as planned, both teams trading basketball, fouls, and D. Then the Celtics fans kick in, the Celtics go on two runs: both unanswered. Mike Brown…. What are you doing… Small Ball worked. Play IT!! Mistake #3. Small, quickness killed the Celtics all year. The third quarter ends. The Celtics are up and have momentum on their side. Game over. The Cavs know it. LeBron wont show it.

4th Quarter starts. LeBron is two assists away from a triple double, yet everyone is bashing him in the media. Just remember this stat. LeBron opens the quarter being aggressive, hits back to back 3’s. Timeout Celtics. Doc, who Mike Brown needs to worship like a holy god, talks his team back with a “you can only win, if we play together” speech. It works, the Cavs never got close again. LeBron finishes one assists away from a triple double, not because he wasn’t looking, but because his team just couldn’t put the ball in the hoop. The saddest part of this whole game that I saw was the Cav’s giving up with more then a minute to go. Mistake #5. I apologize to the city of Cleveland, but you guys are a city meant to never be known as a winner. The fumble… MJ over the Cavs… Now you guys losing LeBron. I’m sorry. LeBron. I’m sorry. New York just rejoiced.

Final Verdict:

Cleveland: just moved into the Dallas spot for biggest disappointment in the playoffs by a team with 60 plus wins. Losers.

Boston: proved they are a better team then experts thought. Rejuvenated. Momentum. Rondo. Winners.

NBA Rookie Rankings: 2009-2010 Season

The NBA rookies this year came into the league with labels such as “a weak draft class” or “a draft that will produce no stars”, it was supposed to be one of the worst drafts in a couple of years.  Instead we saw a class that could be as deep as the 2003 NBA Draft, we have the superstars and we have the solid contributers. This draft features players such as : the monster in Tyreke Evans, the silky smooth Stephen Curry, and the lightning bug that we know as Brandon Jennings. These three head this draft but don’t make it up, this draft goes really deep, all the way down to the 44th pick in Chase Budinger. In my opinion this is one of the deepest drafts I can remember, this is my top five rookies this year.

1. Stephen Curry

Curry- the next Nash?

80 77 36.2 0.462 0.437 0.885 0.6 3.9 4.5 5.9 1.9 0.2 3.0 3.2 17.5

This is one of my favorite players in the whole NBA, he reminds me of Steve Nash with his vision, ability to get his teammates involve, and his beautiful shooting stroke. He also was the first rookie to shoot 45 percent from the field, 40 percent on 3-pointers and 85 percent from the free-throw line.  Is that not Nash-like numbers? He showed he could play defense, which many thought he would be a liability. He proved everyone wrong and only got better as the season wore on. Tyreke might have been voted ROY, but Curry is the one who deserved it.

2) Tyreke Evans

The LeBron of PG's??

72 72 37.2 0.458 0.255 0.748 0.9 4.4 5.3 5.8 1.5 0.4 3.0 2.8 20.1

Tyreke Evans is a monster, at 6-6 and 220lbs he is a force to be reckoned with, with the Kings he ran the point and then the two. He is the LeBron James of the point guard position, I mean he is in elite company with LeBron, MJ, and the Big O, as the only people to average 20, 5, and 5 as a rookie.  He can only get better as his career goes on, he has to learn how to shoot but he can do everything else very very well.  He deserves to be the ROY.

3) Brandon Jennings

The next AI.

82 82 32.6 0.371 0.374 0.817 0.6 2.8 3.4 5.7 1.3 0.2 2.4 2.3 15.5

Brandon Jennings the guy from over the seas, I don’t know how so many people passed up on a talent like him. He does it all and is just a winner, he led the “fear the deer” Bucks to the playoffs without their All-Star Center Andrew Bogut. He exploded on the scene by dropping 55 points in only his 7th pro game, but then cooled off greatly because he wanted to show everyone that he was more then a scorer. Boy, did he. Jennings showed he can be unselfish and is a big reason why Bogut got so good, so fast. Jennings is a monster and future All-Star, everyone knows this. He is just a flat-out winner and leader.

4) Marcus Thornton

Marcus Thornton- 2010-2011 6th man of the year.

73 17 25.6 0.451 0.374 0.814 1.0 1.9 2.9 1.6 0.8 0.2 1.0 1.7 14.5

Thornton was an unknown coming into the NBA draft, a second round pick that wouldn’t be anything for a couple of years. Not the case with Marcus, he came in with a chip on his shoulder, and he let that motivate him to be a proven NBA ready contributer. As a starter this guy put on all-star scoring numbers, off the bench he could drop an easy 20 points a game. He has a great shooting touch, and is going to be in the running for 6th Man of the Year running for many years.

5) Darren Collison

DC2 over CP3?

76 37 27.8 0.477 0.400 0.851 0.5 2.0 2.5 5.7 1.0 0.0 2.7 1.2 12.4

Collison exploded on the scene when Chris Paul blew out his knee, he is the reason why everyone is starting to question if Chris Paul is really the face of this franchise or not. Collison is a big PG, that can shoot and pass extremely well, and he can also be a lock down defender at times.  Now is it DC2 time or is it CP3 time? New Orleans we need an answer.

Honorable Mention:  James Harden, Dejaun Blair, Ty Lawson, Chase Budinger, Jonas Jerebko , and Omari Casspi. They were all the great this season along with many other rookies.

Below is the official NBA all-rookie team:

2009-10 T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie First Team
Player Team
Tyreke Evans Sacramento
Brandon Jennings Milwaukee
Stephen Curry Golden State
Darren Collison New Orleans
Taj Gibson Chicago
2009-10 T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie Second Team
Player Team
Marcus Thornton New Orleans
DeJuan Blair San Antonio
James Harden Oklahoma City
Jonny Flynn Minnesota
Jonas Jerebko Detroit