What’s next for the New Jersey Nets?

With new Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov, the Nets are going in the right direction. Looking to move from New Jersey to Brooklyn and hopefully become the first international team. With the Number 3 pick, which would probably be Derrick Favors. And alot of cap room enough to sign a max agent.This team will be doing fine especially with Devin Harris and Brook Lopez. Hopefully, they’ll get the right coach. Expect them to get some like Mike Fratello or Avery Johnson. As for their cap space of over 15 million, it’s enough to get a max agent (It maybe someone like D-Wade, Lebron James, Carlos Boozer, Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh just to name a few.) and surround the max agent with role players who have playoff experience. As for their  playoff aspirations as Mikhail said “If everything goes according to plan, playoffs this year and championship will be in a minimum 1 year to a maximum 5 years”. Now their owner Prokhorov,  the 59th richest man in the world is still a mystery wanting to be known in the US, he bought the Nets and is now trying to turn this franchise around, Hopefully this franchise is heading the right direction and hopefully will have a better record  than last year (12-70).

As for their coaching candidates, they are looking at Avery Johnson and Mike Fratello.

Let’s see what they bring to the table:

Avery Johnson

Strengths: Avery first of all is a winner. He emphasizes defense all the time, leading the mavericks to 50 win seasons and 2 60 win seasons. Avery’s gonna bring mental toughness and a defensive mentality, which drastically will help the Nets because they were horrible at the defensive end. Offensively, its gonna be run-and-gun, which is fun to watch like when he was coaching the Mavericks giving the ball to Dirk and let him operate. It would also be a coincidence since he’ll be reunited with Devin Harris, who was his Point Guard for 2 years and now is a one-time All-Star. It could be interesting. An impressive track record of 194-70.

Weaknesses: It’s a short list, but people question his leadership after they lost to Miami in 2006. And the disastrous series against the Warriors in ’07, losing the series embarrassingly. Especially with championship aspirations that season.

Mike Frattello

Strengths: This guy is also a winner. Coaching the high flying hawks in the 1980’s with Dominique  Wilkins and Spud Webb. He has alot of playoff experience; also an excellent teacher , who emphasizes in offense and defense. He is a respected coach and can help any team. He currently works in TNT. He is an intelligent person knows how to approach a game. If it helps, his record 667-552 is pretty good.

Weaknesses: A short list too. The only question for Mike is can he get over the hump. Can he lead the Nets to a championship, who knows?

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The Next Generation: John Wall and Evan Turner

This NBA draft in my opinion is way better than the last one except at the PG area. After John Wall, there’s not really a good selection but overall its a very good draft especially the top 5 with Wall then Evan Turner, DeMarcus Cousins, Derrick Favors and Wesley Johnson are very talented but we’ll only talk about the top 2: John Wall and Evan Turner for now. Now lets take a good look at these guys:

John Wall

Strengths: John Wall is predicted to go to Washington at number 1. This guy is a super athletic point guard who handles the ball very well and can pass well too. And at 6’4, he can easily torture the smaller point guards in the NBA. He draws alot of comparisons to Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo. I for one think its a mixture of those two with the athletic ability of a Russell Westbrook and the size of Tyreke Evans. He is one unique Point Guard, I think he’s gonna be an all star in the future.

Weaknesses: John Wall isn’t fully developed yet he needs to improve his jump shot. He needs to get better consistency. He has the size to be a lockdown defender and needs to learn how to utilize it especially if he’s tasked to guard Kobe, Lebron and etc. He needs to put up more weight, get stronger and more physical.


Evan Turner

Strengths: Evan Turner has an extremely smooth game. He takes what the defense gives him. He plays like Brandon Roy, very skilled offensively he makes tough 2’s and has an awesome mid-range jumper. People don’t recognize that  his stats are almost near a triple double. He rebounds very well and facilitates the offense very fluidly.

Weaknesses: People think he’s injury prone after breaking his back in one of the games. What people don’t know is he came out ahead of schedule. He was suppose to be out 2 months but he came back after 4 weeks. He needs to become a better 3 point shooter. But, he doesn’t really need it because of his very good mid-range game. He doesn’t have a long wingspan. So, he struggles sometimes against long defenders. Like John Wall, he needs to add bulk so he can go pound for pound against the strong small forwards.

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