It’s Over For The Celtics

After an amazing run in the playoffs getting past D-Wade and the Heat, Lebron and the Cavs and Superman and the Magic their run to the playoffs ended in a heartbreaking 7-game series with their all-time rival the Lakers.

Now, they look down the road as Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are gonna be free agents. Garnett is entering the final year of his contract you would think they would trade him to get a younger more dynamic player. You could probably say their gonna be a lottery team next year, but if they do bring back Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, questions will start whether they have enough in them to win another championship and can they stay healthy.

Their biggest problem still is their coach area. Tom Thibodeau will be the new head coach of the Chicago Bulls. With that said, their defense will likely collapse next season. Coach Rivers, on the other hand, has agreed to stay one more year. Without Doc, they would’ve been a lost team, although they could look forward to Rajon Rondo’s progression. Also, if they bring Paul and Ray they’ll be over the luxury tax which could be a drag for the front office.

This could probably be the apocalypse for the Big Three all of them gone, except Rondo, who is a very valuable piece to build around if they decide to start from scratch. A lot of questions are gonna be answered this off-season. Every move they make this off season will shape their future, which wont be very bright either way.

Now, we ask you, NBA fans.

Do you believe it’s the apocalypse for the C’s now?

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